Meet the Team

The people behind Creative Economy
Helene George

Managing Director

Vanessa Whitelaw

Manager Corporate Services

Anthony Merrilees

Principal Consultant

Alida Rahmalia Awaluddin

2019 Consultant

Kumiko Kitano


Laura González Saavedra


Our history

Founded in 1992, Creative Economy is a niche consultancy practice inspired by the vision of “Creative Nation”, a policy that sought to define culture in all its diversity beyond the arts and reframe culture’s role in the economy.

The company has more than 30 years of experience in working nationally and internationally in the cultural and creative industries, and this experience has shaped the way in which Creative Economy works with its clients.

Our Managing Director Helene George has written extensively on leveraging culture to create economic value. She is a recognised expert in the cultural and creative industries, and regularly called upon as keynote speaker and strategic adviser.

Our story

Creative Economy specialises in strategic advisory, sustainable economic development and the strategic development of cultural and creative industries. Our vision is for an economy in which culture is valued as much as capital and people. The company’s expertise is working with businesses, organisations and governments to develop business strategies and innovative business models that put culture first and produce sustainable economic development. Our approach to strategic business development is based on leveraging culture to create sustainable economic value. Our experience is that using this approach improves business viability and achieves better cultural and economic outcomes.