BlackCard was founded on the premise that better outcomes for Aboriginal people could be achieved if people had greater competency and knowledge of Aboriginal logic and culture to enable them to work more effectively with Aboriginal people.  As a fledgling business, BlackCard was trying to secure its short-term viability to achieve impact and long-term sustainability. 

Creative Economy was engaged to assist develop a viable business model and strategic business plan to achieve longer term sustainability, and at the same time support the succession from founders, Elders Dr Lilla Watson and philosopher and educator Dr Mary Graham to the next generation.  

Creative Economy utilised its Sustainability Framework to formulate the business strategy and identified BlackCard’s driving purpose as Working with people, not for people, with the genius of Aboriginal knowledge. BlackCard’s Aboriginal knowledge strengthens ethical behaviour by enabling people to develop an understanding to undertake the same obligations and responsibilities to Land and to each other as Aboriginal people have practised for thousands of years.” 

Since making this strategic shift, BlackCard is now a viable business managed by the next generation of leaders with the support and endorsement of Elders. BlackCard is a provider of choice for major corporations, community and government agencies such as Commonwealth Bank, ANZ, Westpac, SBS, University of Queensland and QUT, and was recently awarded the Business Award in the 2019 Queensland Reconciliation Awards.